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I recently realized that my Revenge OT3 (Nolan/Emily/Jack) could be partially broken down and rebuilt into a really fascinating sedoretu.

Amanda Clarke is from the Evening moiety and Emily Thorne is from the Morning moiety. However, when they switched identities, they switched moieties as well, which is why Emily-who-was-Amanda can't be with Jack when she comes back to the Hamptons, because Jack is a Morning.

Nolan Ross is an Evening, and knows that Emily is really an Evening too, so they privately don't consummate the Morning marriage. Emily never even considers it as a possibility, whereas Nolan does, but he never makes a move because he doesn't want to jeopardize the rest of the sedoretu for Emily's sake, since this is as close as she can be to Jack now. Emily/Amanda are the Day marriage, Jack/Nolan are the Night marriage, and Jack/Amanda are the Evening marriage, except not, but Jack doesn't know that and they do consummate the marriage.

Most importantly, la la la la Amanda's not dead la la la.

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