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What I've been reading

I read The Girl with All the Gifts, which is Mike Carey's new book, cleverly published under the seminym "M. R. Carey", presumably so that readers might think that he could be female. I really, really, liked it. It's basically Matilda with zombies.

I read Moondial, which was the Helen Cresswell book that I'd ILLed, and it was fun.

I read Dave Barry's new book, which, like his last book that wasn't fiction, constituted about the bare minimum amount of content that you can put between two covers without getting in trouble for false advertising. It's funny; when I first discovered Dave Barry's writing, he was this old guy who, among other things, illuminated a lot of things I did not have the context to understand about my parents' generation, like some kind of Rosetta stone filled with booger jokes. Now there's some overlap in things we get crotchety about, like Justin Bieber and 50 Shades of Grey. So there's that.

What I'm (still) reading now

Somehow I'm thinking that Prince Andrei and Count Bezukhov aren't going to realize that the reason they've been so unlucky in their relationships with women is that they're actually in love with each other.

Date: 2014-03-20 03:08 am (UTC)
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"Rosetta Stone filled with booger jokes" is one of the more wonderful turns of phrase I've encountered recently. And that was basically my younger-person take on Dave Barry too. :)

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