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The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz was pretty much everything I could have hoped for, plus all kinds of things I hadn't even thought of. I'd never seen Warwick Davis not in a movie, for instance, and he fit right in with all the returning panelists. It would have been nice if Richard Ayoade and David Mitchell could have been on this show instead of the 2014 one (although without Richard there to take the piss out of Mel B. that show would have gotten unbearable, so there is that).

I personally scored 21 points, only one point behind Jack and Claudia, although really they should have had 23 because they did orally give the correct, non-cricket-based answer to the Freddie Flintoff pedalo question.

I desperately want secondary school AUs for both Big Fat Quiz of the Year RPF and QI RPF. It could even be a crossover, with Stephen Fry as the regular teacher and Jimmy Carr as the supply teacher, although then you miss out on having Jimmy as one of Stephen's pupils. I might even take a stab at it myself, but it would be annoyingly difficult, whereas writing an American high school AU would be easy but not at all satsifying.

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