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Something went wrong with the playback of the first version that I had downloaded about a half an hour in, and so we ended up only watching the rest of the episode last night. If that doesn't sound like an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm, I suppose that's roughly accurate.

Doctor Who 8x01, Deep Breath )
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Oh, hey, it seems that David Anders just picked up a steady gig on Rob Thomas's adaptation of the comic iZombie for the CW! Which is a thing that is happening, apparently! I hadn't heard anything about it, but now I'm pretty excited, even though it seems like it's a pretty loose adaptation of the comic. Mostly I'm just glad to have a potential source for my David Anders fix other than occasional guest villains and the selfies he posts on his twitter.
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I watched the The Time of the Doctor, of course, wearing the TARDIS pajamas that Bev got me for Christmas.

Not very spoilery, but behind a cut anyway. )

I also watched the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013 and played along at home. I only managed to get 21 points myself, but at least I beat out results spoilers ). I thought it was a good year for the BFQ and all the teams had good chemistry together (read: I ship them all). My favorite bit was when if I'm spoiler cutting everything else, I suppose I'll cut this as well ).
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I recently realized that my Revenge OT3 (Nolan/Emily/Jack) could be partially broken down and rebuilt into a really fascinating sedoretu.

Amanda Clarke is from the Evening moiety and Emily Thorne is from the Morning moiety. However, when they switched identities, they switched moieties as well, which is why Emily-who-was-Amanda can't be with Jack when she comes back to the Hamptons, because Jack is a Morning.

Nolan Ross is an Evening, and knows that Emily is really an Evening too, so they privately don't consummate the Morning marriage. Emily never even considers it as a possibility, whereas Nolan does, but he never makes a move because he doesn't want to jeopardize the rest of the sedoretu for Emily's sake, since this is as close as she can be to Jack now. Emily/Amanda are the Day marriage, Jack/Nolan are the Night marriage, and Jack/Amanda are the Evening marriage, except not, but Jack doesn't know that and they do consummate the marriage.

Most importantly, la la la la spoilers ) la la la.
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Nine episodes from series I of QI are available for legal streaming in the U.S. on Hulu! I mean, this is clearly still less than ideal, but it's a huge improvement over the prior state of affairs where no episodes of QI were available legally in the U.S. in any format.

Also, I just caught that A Tale for the Time Being made the Booker shortlist, which pleases me greatly as it is by far the best novel I have read thus far this year. ♥
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Namely, the time of year when I try to a.) remember which television shows I'm still watching and b.) figure out when those shows are actually returning to my television. I found this masterlist, which I like because it's organized chronologically and it includes cable shows.

The only new show I know I want to watch at this point is Agents of SHIELD. I would like to stop watching Revenge, because the last season slowly extinguished every remaining ounce of my affections with glacial plotting, excessive character deaths and Aiden Mathis, but my mom is still hooked enough to want to know what happens next so I suppose that I'll grit my teeth and enjoy Nolan's wardrobe. And so, a poll!

Poll #14177 Upcoming (US) television
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Which of these upcoming shows will you be watching with me?

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Agents of SHIELD (24 September)
3 (100.0%)

Arrow (9 October)
1 (33.3%)

Castle (23 September)
1 (33.3%)

Community (midseason; TBA)
1 (33.3%)

Hannibal (midseason; TBA)
0 (0.0%)

Legend of Korra (13 September)
1 (33.3%)

Psych: The Musical (15 December)
0 (0.0%)

Revenge (29 September)
1 (33.3%)

White Collar (17 Octber)
0 (0.0%)

I can't believe you didn't list [insert show here]!

How weird is season five of Community going to be with Dan Harmon back?

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Ticky box?

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Ticky box!
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The 2011 BBC series Silk premiered tonight on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery, even though it is clearly not a mystery at all but a courtroom drama. I didn't think it was a particularly good courtroom drama, either, with a really rather regressive Woman in a Man's World premise that played out in the most paint-by-numbers possible way. Also, my dad didn't listen to Alan Cumming at the beginning, so I kept trying to hiss explanations of what the difference between a barrister and a solicitor is and why you would want to become Queen's Council in the first place. It is particularly difficult to explain what the purpose of a barrister is when the job description of the barristers on screen seems to be to turn up in courtrooms late with piles of binders of things they haven't read and bluff their way through hearings like lazy college students taking exams.

They're utterly unfilmable and thus unlikely to ever make it to Masterpiece Mystery, but I couldn't help drawing comparing and contrasting with the Hilary Tamar books, which are a.) more entertaining, b.) actually proper mysteries, with solutions and everything, c.) infinitely better depictions of women and, for that matter, men and narrators of coyly indeterminate gender, and d.) also illustrated by Edward Gorey, so I make that three points decisively in favor of Hilary and one tie. Alas for what is never to be.

Unrelated fun fact: apparently Sarah Caudwell was Olivia Wilde's half-aunt.
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[Cross-posted from my email by request.]

I had a cold last week and so somehow I ended up watching all 13 episodes of the new NBC Hannibal show.1 Some conclusions I came to:

  • Mads Mikkelsen continues to be really gorgeous when he's evil, especially when he is also wardrobed in the world's best suits.

  • Hugh Dancy suffers incredibly prettily. Also his name is really fun to say. Dancy Dancy Dancy.

  • Hannibal is a terrible person, obviously, but he gives the best hugs.

  • Also the food on this show looks so good that I would probably eat it even if I knew that it was people. And, I mean, I'm not saying they all had it coming, but some of them were definitely rude and they should have made better life choices.

1In retrospect, this is the other reason I didn't finish very many books in that week.


Jun. 24th, 2013 08:14 pm
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Feel Films, the production company that's adapting Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell for television, have just optioned Ben Aaronovitch's Peter Grant series! I'm so excited, and I think my British murder mystery-watching parents will probably enjoy watching this one with me. We're still mourning the end of Lewis and outraged that Ben Miller is leaving Death in Paradise, which is unacceptable and might as well be a different show going forward.

Plus the fourth Peter Grant book, Broken Homes, is due out next month! Double squee!
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Yay, Doctor Who is back! I seriously considered changing the SSID of our wifi network, and then I remembered how hard it was to get my main and remote base stations into a relationship with each other so I did not do this.

Mild Who spoilers. )

Game of Thrones is also back! By the beginning of A Storm of Swords we have hit the point where it takes an entire one-hour episode just to check in with all the characters/locations and say hey, so this was that episode. I was amused by spoilers for minor but show-only scene ).

Let me see, right now I'm also following Castle, Psych, Revenge, Community and Arrow, with varying levels of enthusiasm, and I think I'm also going to be forced to look into this Vikings show I've seen so much about.
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In my capacity as family systems administrator, I decided that now was the time for our family to sign up for a VPN so we can internet in peace without being harassed by the brain trust who sent Google a nastygram demanding that they stop linking to the flagrant pirates of HBO content at

A very welcome side effect is that I am now able to use the BBC iPlayer with a UK IP address, which provides access to material that I was missing out on through other channels, namely, University Challenge. All these memories of my quiz bowl glory days are flooding back. I have made those faces while questions were being read to me! I have leaned left and right, trying to get answers to bonus questions from my three teammates around me! I have thrown out answers that I had no confidence in, only to be pleasantly surprised that they are correct! I have delivered those rueful 'I don't know's when I didn't even have a bad guess!

It's too bad we no longer have televised College Bowl in the U.S. where it originated, because I would like to watch it. On the other hand, our college bowl shenanigans would have gone down way differently if there were cameras and we had to give our real names.
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I happened to wind up at the gym at the exact time to catch the last twenty-five minutes of the Firefly episode "Trash" on the Science channel (which, apparently, shows science fiction, which I suppose is logical, since the SciFi/SyFy/Syphilis channel shows "reality" shows about ghosts). This made me happy, because the last twenty-five minutes of Trash contains my single favorite scene in the entire show, and then made me sad, because it reminded me that virtually nobody ships Simon/Jayne, and worse still, the vanishingly few people who do ship it incorrectly.1

I mean, I can readily see why it's a niche pairing. People might prefer Simon and Jayne in canon pairings, such as Simon/Kaylee, Simon/River, Jayne/Vera, or Jayne/his bunk.2 I can also see why there is virtually no toppy!Simon, because pretty much every main character, reoccurring character, or extra on the show would top4 Simon in their actual or theoretical relationship. I'm not 100% certain that Simon could top a Tupperware container.

Except. Except. He completely dominates Jayne in the scene in the infirmary at the end of Trash. Comprehensively. Effortlessly. There is no way in which Simon is not in control, from his physically paralyzing Jayne so they can have this little chat to his utterly calm assertion that no matter what Jayne does, Simon will never ever harm him, that he will be trusting Jayne and that Jayne should do likewise. I find this utterly, scorchingly hot.

And yet no one ever writes them like that. Or if they have, I have yet to find it. This makes me sad like the end of Serenity.5

1Which they are entitled to do! I mean, they're completely wrong. But if they enjoy being wrong, they should feel free to do so.

2Yeah, I don't really ship Jayne with. You know. People.3

3This pairing being something of an exception, obviously.

4Here used in a very loose sense to indicate a whole range of behavior ranging from mild sexual assertiveness to formalized D/s regardless of sexual positions employed, if any.

5Yeah, I know, I should write it myself. But I'm really, really lazy!
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Patrick Stump wrote a nice letter to me commiserating about how much scalpers and sold-out shows suck. Me and everyone on every social media network ever, that is, but hey, it made me feel a little better. Someday I will make it to a FOB show! (Also, Patrick, those are not bullet points. That is an ordered list. You can tell because the number one does not have a bullet.)

Incidentally, do you know who desperately wants to corner the market in scalping? If you guessed Ticketbastards, you are of course correct. They seem to also be working to overturn anti-scalping laws in various provinces of Canada, boldly offering the argument that everyone knows scalping goes on and it's not fair that Ticketbastards can only get a piece of the action on the first sale. They are certainly not lacking in chutzpah.

Last night my parents and I communally watched the last episode of Lewis and there was a great deal of mourning. My mom made two predictions at the last minute—one of which was correct and therefore spoilery ). Before we've even had a chance to finish mourning properly, however, me still in my black armband and everything, it seems that ITV are planning on at least another episode if not another series, so whee!
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House is dead; long live House!*

Well, it's been eight years now, and in the time that this show has been on the air, a.) the word 'bromance' has somehow become a Thing, something I believe House/Wilson is at least partially to blame for, and b.) said word 'bromance' has been used, by House, to describe his relationship with Wilson. I feel like I could tease this into something profound about homoeroticism and the pop culture ouroboros, but I think I'm just going to boggle instead.

I drifted away from House a couple of times while it was on the air and caught up later, most recently when I heard that it was going to be ending, so I would be prepared for the big send-off. Although I don't know that I would recommend the last season as objectively good or even watchable television, I did personally find a number of things to squee over:
Spoilers/rambling about House season 8 )

So then there was a final episode. And spoilers, briefly. )

*Not actually a spoiler as such.
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... by which I mean the television program. I do not actually recommend revenge as a way of life.

Last night, mildest of mild spoilers for last night's Revenge ). Aww, OT3.
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I haven't been so relieved by a plot twist in a long time!

Outside the cut is coyness; inside are spoilers. )

I accidentally logged out of LJ for the first time in years and what I saw was so horrifying that I've got to work out a coherent Dreamwidth posting/accessing/circling setup posthaste.
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I haven't been so relieved by a plot twist in a long time!

Outside the cut is coyness; inside are spoilers. )

I accidentally logged out of LJ for the first time in years and what I saw was so horrifying that I've got to work out a coherent Dreamwidth posting/accessing/circling setup posthaste.
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My mom wanted something to watch during those agonizing periods of time, sometimes amounting to more than one full day, in between new episodes of the television shows that we watch together (which are presently: Castle, White Collar, 30 Rock and The Office, and on hiatus: Psych, Burn Notice, and Doctor Who. You would never guess that for years, our family television was kept in a locked cabinet and, before she started watching Alias with me on DVD, the last show she seriously followed was Murphy Brown), and Netflix suggested Veronica Mars to us.

Well. That was maybe like a week ago. We just today watched the last seven episodes of season one and then the first episode of season two for good measure.

Past and present flisters who were also VMars fans, I am very impressed by how thoroughly you did not spoil me. There should be trophies. The only thing I would consider myself remotely spoiled for was spoilers-cut, natch. )

I'm not sure my mom won't want to watch all of season two tomorrow. She's not big on doing things by half-measures.

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