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I painted my nails black in honor of 'Oh no, he's hot'!Loki (and also for Halloween). My beloved nails inc polish in black taxi had turned to the consistency of hot glue over the summer and it took, like, three droppers full of thinner to bring it back to something remotely workable and I still did kind of a terrible job around the edges, but top coat covers a multitude of sins and I can pretend it's supposed to look punk. Yeah, that's it.

I also made an icon! :D
mayhap: Tezuka in blue and red tones with text Zone (Tezuka Zone)
I know, I know, I'm a.) behind on watching the OVAs (I don't want it to be over!) and b.) should be asleep anyway (but I'm not tired! Gay tennis is my drug!)

Shepard Fairey, feel free to sue me. Tezuka will fuck your shit up for being careless.
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I have a new icon, courtesy of this newly uncovered pagan Roman mosaic beneath the Cathedral of Reggio Emilia, via [ profile] newredshoes. It is a magpie and it likes shiny things and I approve, having been in a rather acquisitive mood myself lately.

I also have a Twitter, because it occurred to me that if I waited too long to haul my ass onto the bandwagon, somebody was going to steal my username, and anyway, I need to stalk Stephen Fry more efficiently. The only thing is ... I am not entirely sure what else to do with it. Oh god, this means I'm getting old and senile, doesn't it?

GIP, again

Aug. 9th, 2006 03:33 pm
mayhap: Inui's glasses shining (shiny glasses)
[ profile] belmanoir is watching the Prince of Tennis and making icons! I am all a-squee, not unlike Inui in this lovely icon.
mayhap: Inui throws stuff into his juice (Inui Juice)
So, I needed an Inui Juice icon a.) for my forthcoming Inui Juice exploits (my brother is also going to sample it, because he'll drink pretty much anything if you dare him to, muah) and b.) just because. I am posting with it now because it took me ridiculously long to figure out how to animate it and I am very proud.
mayhap: Ryoma working in the school library (pages do it by the books)
Because if all my friends jumped off a bridge, I would too:

I put in all the books I've read in the last couple of days, which was pretty slick. I used to do something similar with my LJ links list but I would get behind and not be able to remember everything and then delete them all. This is much more convenient and has pretty pictures. However, it won't let me actually update my blog there without opening Firefox, because it doesn't support Safari or OmniWeb. Oh well.

My dad and I had lunch at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art this afternoon. I jumped over a two and a half foot stone wall in the lawn in the rear of the building. If you don't think this is any great achievement, bear in mind that I was wearing a denim miniskirt and boots with heels at the time.
mayhap: indistinct screencap of hands with text My hands are the best part of this episode (Sark hands)
I'm a sad, sad little Sark fangirl. And I've made peace with that.
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It all starts so innocently. You read [ profile] marksykins's Shinji/Ryoma fic and you think oh, I wish I had some grip tape icons.

Next thing you know, it's three in the morning, you've watched like ten episodes of Prince of Tennis, most of which don't even have anything to do with grip tape, and oh my God I don't even know what Inui and Kaidoh are doing in this screenshot ) but I'm pretty sure it's a form of foreplay, and seriously, drugs are bad, kids, so stay away from PoT.

Sleep now.


Apr. 30th, 2006 01:17 pm
mayhap: Kristy and Mary Anne, pillow fight! (Kristy/Mary Anne)
I have made a Kristy/Mary Anne OTP 4eva icon. It was difficult, because I had to photoshop Claudia, Mallory and Dawn out of their adorable lesbian pillowfight.

Good news

Feb. 24th, 2006 04:27 pm
mayhap: Campaign poster with text Re-elect Governor Marley - When there's only one candidate, there's only one choice (Re-Elect Governor Marley)
Malcolm Gladwell has a blog: [ profile] malcolmgladwell. It should help to satisfy the cravings in between New Yorker articles.

Also, gratuitous icon usage!
mayhap: Chase's tie is in Slytherin house colors (Chase)
Cut for Alias )

Also, GIP. (Gratuitous icon usage? I was going to make the post anyway ...)
mayhap: Sark at gunpoint, nose bloodied, with text sex & violence (sex and violence)
Today I did a presentation on sex. It was awesome, except I forgot to put in the part about seahorses. Oh well. I saved it as a PowerPoint and put it up here for your possible viewing enjoyment. It features hot mantis sex! (11.7 MB file)

The rest of my group was not as fabulous as me, naturally, but still it was good, and went pretty smoothly. We showed the Every Sperm is Sacred song from Meaning of Life as an icebreaker, and we served ice cream for refreshments, too.

Also, I made this icon. I am feeling much more fannish towards Alias now than I ever did before, possibly because the actual show is just not as much fun for me any more. I have plotted out how the rest of the season should unfold, but JJ does not return my calls.

Predictably, now that I am back in the US, the long-awaited BBC Creative Archive has launched. Enjoy, all you British-type peoples.


Feb. 17th, 2005 03:06 pm
mayhap: hennaed hands, writing (*smirks*)
This is my sexy, sexy Sayid icon.

His job is to smirk at you all, and to flirt shamelessly with my Sawyer icon.

That is all.

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